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Kasual L. Owens-Fields.
What do I blog about: Things that are entertaining, valuable, important, random and beautiful. I will combine my thoughts with an outlook on our time.

And so you have The thoughts and times of Kasual L.


Cinema Inspired Illustrations by Alice X. Zhang / Tumblr / Store

Previews from the ‘MOMENTS' solo art show, opening June 7th 2013 at the Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

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Alice X. Zhang.

Paintings by Alice X. Zhang for her solo show, “Moments,” opening June 7th at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn.  See more of the show’s work below:

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My heart just broke again.


My heart just broke again.

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  1. The Roar of Our Stars
  2. The Turn of the Universe
  3. The Parting of the Ways

Alice X. Zhang - United States based artist.

Medium: Photoshop CS5

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Orange Is The New Black isn’t great TV because it’s well-plotted or beautifully written or the series stuffed with the most literary references this side of Archer—though it is all of those things. No, it’s great TV because every single character it looks at has a point of view and a need to express themselves, because every single one of them struggles against the same, common enemy of dehumanization.
Peter Baelish is one fly mother-fucker.
Everyone after tonight’s episode (via winona16)
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Just some people on vacation… wait, they are the cast from Game of Thrones!

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